Let Us Help Get You Active With The Language.
We Have Created A 19 Page Worksheet That Turns A Passive Podcast Into An Active Language Learning Experience.

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Progress Quickly By Staying Active With English

Frequently Asked Questions About This Offer

1. Why are you charging for the worksheets?

We are creating these podcasts because we want to help English learners but we need a small amount of money from you to keep the series going as it takes time to create both the podcast which is free and the worksheets that are priced at a very small fee.

2. What are in the worksheets?

There are a number of exercises that help you create English along with the FULL transcript!

  1. Grammar Explanation: The episodes grammar point is clearly written out for you to learn or revise.
  2. Grammar Practice Exercise: To ensure you know the grammar point we want to test you by making you actually create the grammar point yourself.
  3. Vocabulary & Phrases: The words that you didn't understand are written up and explained.
  4. Listening Activity: Active listening skills require you to fill the blanks at key points of the conversation.
  5. Comprehension Questions: Let's make sure you know what you heard by testing you with questions based on the recorded conversations.
  6. Transcript: As language learners we both know that having the audio in writing is an essential tool to really slow everything down and focus on the structure of the new language.

3. How do I get the worksheet?

The worksheet is sent directly to your email inbox.

1. You first have to click the link on this page.
This will take you to the payment page.
Once you pay you will be asked for the email address you want the worksheet to be sent to.
4. Then finally check your email inbox for the worksheet